mold mediation in Edmond, OK and Wentzville, MO


Hard to believe but not everybody agrees on mold issues! Mold arguments are tough on all parties. You know the scenarios --

  • A homeowner pays a remediation firm good money but still feels sick or receives little relief from services performed.
  • A remediation firm agrees to removal services to match a lower price but then is blamed for incomplete results.
  • An insurance company is accused of not paying for enough services.
  • Employee(s) convinced that there is some kind of mold problem affecting their health at work.

The only thing that everyone agrees on is that it's the other person's fault! As a result the options have been - shouting, denying payment, getting turned over to a collection agency, filing a lawsuit. All have their place, but none are pleasant, or very speedy.


The Mold Consultant LLC is a firm that can provide mediation services for residential & commercial issues. Neutrality and expertise on mold issues is the basis for our success. Our firm approaches mediation with one simple and effective philosophy.

"To resolve a conflict all parties must be transparent, open & authentic."

This means that we assist all parties to communicate exactly what their needs are in a constructive manner. Address what each party is "afraid is going to happen" without being exposed or weakened. Finally, our investigative mold consults make it possible for parties to be completely forthcoming since the findings expose the details of cause and origin.

Lawyers are great because they are paid to fight for their clients. We all should have a real "pit bull" for an attorney when the time comes. The Mold Consultant has no sided preference in a mold conflict. We are focused on finding the cause, extent and solution for the mold. Pinpointing these three elements leads to all parties understanding and agreeing to a solution.


The Mold Consultant is an expert with no attachment to either side and will deliver honest and helpful insight. If you are currently in a dispute over mold, put down the gloves and pick up the phone. We'll be glad to sit down with all parties and explain how we can start the resolution process!