mold inspection company in Edmond, OK and Wentzville, MO


Many fancy themselves experts on mold, so understanding their background on the subject can shine light on the advice they give.

Occasionally people offer advice based on a pre-set agenda. Some lean towards sounding the panic alarm regarding every mold situation. Others are too lax because they've never experienced any ill effects from mold. So were does The Mold Consultant LLC stand? What is our particular brand of mold politics?


We are best described as neutral, unbiased, impartial, dispassionate but not disinterested. Here at The Mold Consultant, we think of ourselves as the Switzerland of mold! Our consultations are based on facts gathered from a thorough inspection of your situation, not prejudged determinations from past mold situations or news stories.

What makes us neutral is that fact that we have nothing to gain if you do or do not have mold! Our findings are based on your facts not our needs. Much like a Dr. examining a patient, we are interested but unaffected by the outcome of the findings.

This means several things for you.

  1. Unlike companies that clean up mold, we don't always find serious problems.
  2. Irrefutable evidence will keep a person from hiding their head in the sand if they do have a real mold situation.
  3. You are getting answers from a trained and qualified mold specialist. That's better than getting information from good intentioned contractor, home inspector, or some other home repair tradesman.
  4. We have mold inspection AND remediation credentials. That means we understand both sides of the issue. Not only can we answer all your questions about mold but we can also write the protocol for a remediation company to follow. We even provide post clean up testing to make sure it was done thoroughly. Once again, the power of impartiality!


Lastly, we should talk about our credentials. All Consultants are trained by a CMRS, CR, & CRMI. Accredited by RIA (Restoration Industry Association) IAQA (Indoor Air Quality Association) & the AIAQC (American Indoor Air Quality Council.) And our founder, sits on the national certification board of the AIAQC that certifies professionals in nine different air quality disciplines.


CMRS is a Certified Microbial Remediation Supervisor. These guys are the top of the food chain when it comes to understanding mold.

  • Air samples, how to take them and how to analyze them.
  • The differences between mold and bacteria.
  • Can talk to you about gram negative & ram positive bacteria.
  • The difference and benefits of viable and non-viable air samples.
  • How to clean up mold properly without cross contaminating unaffected areas of your home or business.
  • They understand airflow, ventilation, and the proper rate of air exchange required to remove airborne particulates from your breathing space.
  • Nerds yes, but they are the rock stars of mold.


CR is a Certified Restorer. When it comes to disaster services, such as Water damage & fire damage, these are the know-it-all guys of that world. What place does a CR have in your mold situation? Good question. Two reasons.

  1. Every mold situation, real or imagined, is always linked to water damage. Just like you want a mold specialist answering your questions about mold, you also benefit from having a water damage specialist look for reasons it started!
  2. If you do need a remediation firm to clean up your mold they will respect the opinion of a CR. CR is the top designation in the remediation world. A reputable remediation firm will have a CR on staff.


CRMI is a Certified Residential Mold Inspector. The name is self-explanatory but we should state the obvious benefits anyway. A mold inspector is qualified to take air samples and understands all the usual suspects when it comes to mold problems. This is the guy that preaches the importance of looking in the attic, fighting through the spider webs in the crawl space in order to be a good mold detective. That's the best way to describe the know-how they bring to the table. When you call The Mold Consultant to your home or business they will find all the clues and show you all the evidence in your mold case!